Holiday Property Management

What if you could own a holiday house – and generate a consistent income? You could have a holiday house available for the times you want to use it and when it is not being used by you it could be let out for others to enjoy and generate you an income stream.

At Platinum Escapes Holiday Management many of our owners are doing just that.

As the owner of a Holiday Property you would be employing Platinum Escapes Holiday Management to take care of your investment to the highest possible degree. We offer assurance that your valuable asset will be managed and expertly marketed to maximise bookings and increase your annual earnings.

We don’t operate like our competitors juggling our holiday letting between sales and permanent rentals. Our focus is to look after, grow and manage what may well be one of your treasured assets by providing productive and positive growth year after year.

To find out more about the management services we offer or to simply list your property with us please do not hesitate to contact us.