Terms and Conditions

You are accepting our terms and conditions when you make and confirm this booking. Management reserves the right to cancel any booking made that does not comply with these conditions. Any breaches of these conditions during your stay may result in financial charges and /or immediate eviction.


1. All bookings require a deposit to secure your booking,

a. $100 of this is NON REFUNDABLE in the event of a cancellation at ANY time.
The balance of your booking is payable 30 days prior to your arrival.

b. By not paying in full within the allocated time may result in cancellation of your booking (refer to cancellations section).


2. Credit Card details are required for all bookings and such details are to be provided 10 days prior to arrival.

a. A Guest Registration Form will be provided for the guest to provide credit card details as security on the property. This form MUST BE COMPLETED AND RETURNED prior to arrival NO MATTER WHAT BOOKING CHANNEL YOU BOOK THROUGH SO PLEASE BE AWARE THAT BY MAKING YOUR BOOKING YOU HAVE AGREED TO PROVIDING THESE DETAILS or your booking may be instantly cancelled.

b. The Guest accepts full responsibility for any breakages, loss or damage caused to the Premises and/or its contents directly or indirectly caused by the Guest, or by any other occupant or any other person invited on or in the Premises by the Guest during the Tenancy and hereby authorises the Agent to pay for any such breakages, loss, damage and all forms of additional cleaning (including but not limited to rubbish removal) of the Premises by deduction of the applicable amount from the credit card supplied on Guest Registration Form.

c. In the event payment by credit card fails for any reason the Guest agrees to pay the balance of the payment within 7 days of being notified in writing of the payment required by the Agent.


3. Date changes on existing bookings can be requested and will be at the direction of management. Deposits may be transferred to another booking provided the amendment is made at least 30 days prior to arrival and is subject to availability at the time. A $50.00 transfer fee will be payable if booking is moved to a new property.


4. Cancellation by the Guest:

a. If a booking is cancelled INSIDE of 30 days prior to arrival – for whatever reason the WHOLE tariff will be forfeited.

b. If the Guest cancels a booking by giving more than 30 days notice in writing to the Arrival Date the deposit shall be returned to the Guest less a $100 cancellation fee. All refunds will be processed through electronic funds transfer once guest provides banking details and transferred back to the guest at the end of that month.

Cancellation by Owner:

a. Bookings are taken in good faith on behalf of the Premises owner. The booking agent is NOT responsible for cancellation of (including sale of Premises), or changes to, a booking if instructed to do so by the Premises owner.

b. In the event of such cancellation, the booking agent shall, in consultation with the Guest, endeavour to source alternative accommodation.

c. If the booking agent cannot source alternative accommodation, or the Guest is not satisfied with the alternative accommodation sourced, then the Guest shall receive a full refund of all monies paid to the booking agent.


5. The Agent accepts the following methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard or Direct Debit.


6. Check-in time is 2:00pm or 3:00pm during the 6 weeks of summer school holidays.


8. Check-out time is strictly 10:00am.

9. All keys must be returned to the key safe allocated at each property. All electrical appliances must be turned off including air conditions and/or heaters and all doors and windows are to be locked on departure. Rubbish is to be removed, dishwasher unpacked and the property is to be left clean, tidy and sand free.

10. Any Premises Guests still in properties after 10:00am will automatically incur an additional day’s tariff and will be deducted from your Credit Card.


11. Number of People Booked into Premises:

a. The number of persons specified on your booking confirmation is to be the maximum number residing in the Premises during the term of your booking and WILL NOT EXCEED this number. Violation of this condition will result in immediate eviction of all people from the Premises and forfeiture of any monies held by the booking agent.

12. Animals:

a. Due to Health Regulations, animals are NOT permitted inside or on the external surrounds of the Premises at any time. Violation of this condition will result in immediate eviction of all people from the Premises and forfeiture of any monies held by the booking agent.

13. Lost Keys and/or Remotes:

a. In the event of lost /broken keys, the Guest will reimburse the booking agent for the cost of new locks and new keys plus an administration fee.

b. In the event of lost remotes, the Guest will reimburse the booking agent for the cost of a replacement remote plus an administration fee.

c. Should you lock yourself out, or require after hours assistance, a fee of $50 plus expenses will be payable to the booking agent.

14. No Smoking Rule:

a. Smoking is NOT permitted inside the Premises at any time. Violation of this condition will result in immediate eviction of all people from the Premises and forfeiture of any monies held by the booking agent.

b. Please contain smoking to the outside areas of the Premises and dispose of butts in an appropriate container. Butts left lying around the Premises will incur an excess cleaning fee.

15. Breakages/Damage:

a. All breakages or damages must be reported to the Agent immediately.

b. The Guest must allow the Agent or its contractors access to the Premises to carry out necessary repairs.

c. Movement of furniture or items may cause unnecessary damages to the items or the property. Any damages caused to items, furniture or property or excess cleaning required will be charged to your nominated credit card.

d. All damage will be paid for by the Guest. The booking agent reserves the right to debit monies from the Guest’s credit card supplied on the Guest Registration Form. Serious cases of damage will be reported to the Police.

16. Departure Conditions:

a. The Guest is responsible for ensuring that, when vacating the Premises, doors are securely locked, windows securely closed and locked where locks are fitted, all lights, heating, cooling and other appliances are turned off.

b. The Guest will ensure that garbage is placed in the appropriate bins and that bins are taken out on collection days, which is in the property compendium. A notice will also be available on the fridge.

c. The Guest shall leave the Premises in a neat and tidy condition, which is on your guest information located on the Fridge of the premises.

d. If the Guest contravenes clause 27a above and damage or theft occurs then the guest is responsible for all costs involved in replacements or repairs.

e. If the Guest contravenes clauses 27b and/or 27c above then the Guest will be charged an excess cleaning fee.

17. Intolerable Behaviour including excessive noise

a. Intolerable behaviour, such as, neighbours being inconvenienced by extra cars, boats and parked in their areas, disruptive behaviour, major disturbances, excessive noise will NOT be tolerated.

b. Strictly No Party Policy. There is a minimum penalty of $250.00 if complaints are received from neighbouring residents.

c. Violation of this condition will result in immediate eviction of all people from the Premises and forfeiture of any monies held by the Agent. Noise complaints will be passed on to local Police.

*Premises are to be left in the same condition as found upon arrival and kept clean at all times. A cleaning fee will be charged if this is not adhered to. Tenants will be charged a fee for BBQ cleaning and for dishes left on the sink or dishwasher if not done.

**This property does not have the policies, procedures or resources in place to accommodate the unique needs of school graduates during the annual ‘Schoolies’ period.


18. Whilst the Agent aims to make your holiday experience as pleasant as possible it cannot be held responsible for the actions taken by the Owner of the premises outside of our control, such as tariff increases, sale of Premises, change of furniture & fittings etc.

19. The Agent is not responsible for any interpretation or misunderstanding about the premises booked.

20. The Premises are furnished to the owner’s taste and style and the Agent accepts no responsibility for any unmet expectations of the Tenant in respect of any design, quality or other aspect of the Premises.

21. Whilst every effort is made to ensure that information displayed on our website is correct:

a. Prices and conditions are subject to change without notice and Information and rates on our website are subject to change without notice.

b. Premises room photos may not be of actual rooms allocated. Photos are indicative only. Accommodation facilities listed are subject to change by the owner of the premises.

22. Quotes and reservations are subject to availability and actual pricing at the time of the booking. Verbal quotes are only an estimate, subject to written advice on confirmation from the booking agent. The price of your booking cannot be guaranteed until full payment is received.

23. The Agent will not be liable for any accident, injury, delay, property damage or personal loss to you or those travelling with you in connection with any accommodation or other services resulting directly or indirectly from any occurrences or conditions beyond its control.

24. All bookings are made in good faith by the Agent. However, bookings may be subject to change or cancellation by the owner of the Premises. If a booking is to be changed or cancelled for whatever reason, the Agent shall attempt to notify the Guest as soon as possible and will use reasonable endeavours to arrange alternative holiday accommodation. If alternative holiday accommodation or alternative dates cannot be arranged, any monies paid by the Guest will be refunded and no other claim, right, action or demand shall exist in, or be made, by either party.

25. Any written description or photographic representation of the Premises is made by the Agent to the best of its ability and in good faith. No responsibility or liability for any misdescription, omission or misrepresentation will be accepted by the Agent.

26. Any marketing and promotional information pertaining to the Premises is subject to alteration without notice, and to the extent of any inconsistency, these terms and conditions shall prevail.


We want to assure you that we are 100% committed to you enjoying your stay with us. If you require any additional services or need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love for you to place a glowing review about the property and my team on your original booking site and our Facebook page.

If for some reason our team does not perform to an acceptable level or you have any issues or notice any damages to the property, we ask that you report this within 2 hours of the 2pm check-in time. If you do not bring these issues to our attention we will be unable to offer any sort of refund. Refunds will only be offered if the complaints are just and unable to be fixed.

We look forward to welcoming you. We hope that you enjoy your stay and book with us again

We participate in the Bad Book register. By making this booking you hereby agree that if you or any occupant covered by this booking, including any guests, breach our Terms and Conditions your Name, Phone Number and Email address along with details of the breach/breaches may be disclosed to the property landlord and/or other agents participating in the Bad Book register. We reserve the right to cancel a booking where a guest may be registered on Bad Books.