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The property was fantastic and the extras provided were over and above what we thought it would be. Made it so much easier for us. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. We were able to make contact if we had any issues. No I don’t think there was anything missing. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Mollymook. Thank you.
- Kerry McCuskey
Stayed May 2021

It was a little cold in the bedrooms downstairs so the only thing i would add would be an additional heater to the one already provided air conditioning throughout would be a great addition
- Jeannette Robertson
Stayed May 2021


This property is absolutely incredible. The views, the location, the styling. It was amazing we had an incredible weekend away and i can't wait to go back. There was nothing missing and nothing that i think needs to be added.
- James Jordan
Stayed May 2021

Nothing to improve Nothing to add to this property, its all there
- Margaret Luff
Stayed May 2021

Not at all , everything was well stocked and easily accessible. Kylie and the team were amazing I really can’t think of anything.
- Natalie Deighan
Stayed April to May 2021

Overall pretty good! Would loved a hairdryer! I always forget to pack one and it’s too cool to leave hair to dry naturally
- Elizabeth Ellis
Stayed April 2021

No Instruction manual for the washer/dryer. And Some sharp knives!
- Tom Harris
Stayed April 2021


Everything was perfect Everything was perfect and nothing missing that i can think of
- Alex Noakes
Stayed March 2021

No The property was well presented and Platinum Escapes and Kylie were phenomenal in organising our booking through this covid year. No the property had everything we needed.
- David Rolleston
Stayed March 2021


The whole experience was simply perfect!! The property is simply amazing and the products supplied were of the highest standard. A perfect stay all round!! If I had to pick something, a bedside lamp in the small bedroom would have been helpful.
- Jenelle Tinham
Stayed March 2021

To improve the property I would suggest perhaps a more comfortable lounge and the decor could do with a change. No there is nothing missing from the property it has absolutely everything we needed.
- Clive Baker
Stayed March 2021

Our second stay

There is nothing needed to improve this property Nothing missing at all, it had everything we needed for a perfect getaway. Kylie and her team were fantastic once again
- Joy Rousel
Stayed March 2021


Not a thing to improve it was perfect Everything was new and we did not need anything more
- Patricia Goulding
Stayed March 2021

Nothing to improve on it was absolutely wonderful. nothing missing at all, kylie and the team provided us with everything we needed
Stayed March 2021

The only issue is 10am check out on a Sunday as does not work for a weekend booking. For full week bookings yes. I would provide an option for a late check out. Maybe put an additional fee on it if needed. Nothing missing from the property it has everything that we needed
- Toby Barber
Stayed March 2021

There were ants in the kitchen having them removed would be the only thing we cold suggest that needed improving on The only thing missing was a remote for the bedroom tv it should be left where it can be found, we couldn't find it
- Margaret Jolliffe
Stayed February 2021


No, there is nothing that I is needed to improve our stay or improve this property No there is absolutely nothing missing, the managing agent and the owners obviously work very well together as they have thought of everything. We had a wonderful stay
- Lyn Wenn
Stayed February 2021

No No
- Leanne Parkinson
Stayed January 2021

Absolutely Fantastic

Absolutely fantastic! Very comfortable and well appointed. Couldn’t ask for more! I feel so minor and not worth mentioning but a scoop for the washing powder!! Absolutely did not detract from our stay. It’s all I could think of!
- Rochelle Crowe
Stayed January 2021


Was a great property and would definitely stay again Beer Bottle opener was the only thing missing from this property
- Michella Sergi
Stayed January 2021

Perfect beach front holiday

I wouldnt have changed anything, it was a perfect apartment, in a perfect location and the booking process was just perfect too.  
- Shaun Stevens
Stayed January 2021

Just Great

Dont change a single thing, its perfect  
- Aarti Daly
Stayed January 2021

Lovely stay

Nothing but a few champagne glasses could have made this stay any better as we cheered and relaxed on our lovely holiday????
- Susan Pearson
Stayed January 2021

Great holiday property

Nothing at all everything was perfect. Kylie was awesome to deal with and we would definitely book with her again.  
- Leanne Chapman
Stayed January 2021

Fantastic apartment

The whole experience was fantastic  
- Kate Pearson
Stayed December 2020 to January 2021

Change linen/towels for second week. all soft furnishings (lnge/b/r) are tired and been same for last 5 years. Broken Tiles creak and echo downstairs Thank you Peter for your feedback, as you are aware we came in and did a full linen change half way through your stay. Standard of crockery, knife block and kitchen utensils of poor quality- they do not reflect the premier positioning of this appt. The crockery etc that you mentioned above were all replaced the week prior to your arrival.
- Peter Murphy
Stayed December 2020 to January 2021

Board games/cards could be added for improvement board games for during wet weather is the only thing we can think of that may be missing from this property
- Kathryn Berry
Stayed December 2020

Perfect beach getaway

Rays @ Mollymook is a perfect beach getaway. You feel at home as soon as you arrive and we loved being so close to the beach. The property has modern facilities and you have everything you need. Nothing missing or to improve on, property is great.
- Nicole Nelson
Stayed December 2020

Perfect Property

Can you change anything?? Nope it was perfect Nothing to add, nothing to change- the perfect property
- Megan Feary
Stayed December 2020

Great location

A mattress topper as the bed is a bit hard, but that is our personal opinion. A sandwich maker could be added to make the kitchen more self contained
- Belinda Stewart
Stayed December 2020

2nd stay- still perfect

Everything was perfect. This is our second stay and once again was absolutely perfect. Has it all plus more
- Karin Lalic
Stayed December 2020

Great holiday property

No changes could be made to this beautifully presented property, from booking and dealing with the gorgeously efficient Kylie, to staying in such a stunning, clean and perfectly located property. We couldnt have been happier.
- Christine McFadyen
Stayed December 2020

Great location

A little bit of maintenance (fly screen, lights, furniture) could be an improvement, however nothing dampened our holiday or the incredible location this property is in There wasn't any thing really missing from the property apart from a working fly screen door
- Tyson Godden
Stayed December 2020

Lovely property and a great location

No 🙂 there was nothing need to improve this property, it was in a great location and the property was lovely. Cooking oil would be very helpful but obviously not expected.
- Hayley Nicholls
Stayed November 2020

Perfect Property

The property was perfect. It had everything we needed and in a perfect position. No. We had everything we needed and more.
- Ashleigh Hancock
Stayed November 2020

Great Property

Nothing really to add or change but I gave 4 star rating because always good to leave room for new ideas/improvement
- Patricia Bull
Stayed November 2020

Amazing Holiday

An amazing holiday location and property, easier access to wifi details and 2 sets of keys would be handy when there is a large group staying, but either way it didn't impact on our holiday or our time at such a great property.
- Simon Flack
Stayed November 2020

Gorgeous Location

Everything about this truly beach front apartment was great, we had a little trouble finding the garbage bin in the kitchen but thats about it! The balcony furniture was fine but it was a bit odd that we had to take it out and then put it away every day. We understand that being so centrally located and directly across from the ocean however, it is a safety concern in poor weather.
- Kristina Vincenc
Stayed November 2020

Beautiful, clean apartment

Nothing could have made our experience any better, the unit was beautiful clean and big and stocked with everything we needed.  
- Leanne Rawson
Stayed November 2020

Lovely Studio

Lovely studio, no complaints but our preference would be to have a bedroom separate to the living space, however we appreciate that it is also one of the quirks of holidaying in a studio. The outdoor shower was a fantastic addition, if there was hot water available..that would be great. 🙂
- Samantha Harrison
Stayed November 2020

Cant think of anything better that holidaying here

All great..can’t think of anything. I highly recommend Kylie at Platinum Escapes, all requests/questions are answered promptly and all information provided. The house is extremely well equipped, beautifully decorated and very clean. The view from the deck is lovely and there is plenty of very comfortable outdoor furniture. A couple of ottomans in the main living area would be the icing on the cake for such a beautiful property. The local TV signal kept dropping out, but we understand that staying in such a gorgeous coastal area, this is common. Overall very happy with our stay.
- Karen Campbell
Stayed November 2020

Fantastic holiday location

Nothing to improve and nothing to change, the whole process from booking and dealing with Kylie and her team, to staying at this little slice of heaven was perfect.  
- Bill Ashton
Stayed November 2020

Perfect apartment

We unfortunately had very rowdy neighbors for the first 3 nights. There were 6 young men checked into Unit 1 and they had planned to party.I know there is nothing you can do but this really interfered and disturbed our holiday on our first few days, but understand that during the holiday periods all accomodation is booked out and beyond managers control. Apart from our neighbours there was nothing at all wrong or that could've been changed to enhance our holiday, It was perfect and well stocked, more than we expected.
- Amanda Murphy
Stayed October to November 2020

Stress Free Heaven

Nothing at all to change or improve our holiday, it was an amazing break in a beautiful, well stocked property.  
- Christine Christine
Stayed October to November 2020

Wonderful Stay!

Nothing at all could have been done to improve our holiday- we had a wonderful stay! Just some small suggestions for the owners to consider: - Bins in all bathrooms - Bedside table and lamps in bedrooms Otherwise the property is in a fantastic location, beautifully presented and immaculately clean.
- Frances Wittison
Stayed October 2020


I think a small balcony bbq could be added as it would be a huge asset to guests, especially with the stunning views of the ocean from the balcony to soak in. The only thing i think would be mIssing would be a chromecast for tvs or a smart TV.  
- Chris Assaly
Stayed October 2020

Great Location

Great peaceful location, that was perfect for our stay. The only thing I would say was that the front fence is low, so although its FANTASTIC to find a pet friendly property, with regard to suitability for dogs-bif there was a gate to cordon off the front section form the back where a dog could be contained in the back that would work well.
- Bernadette Rushe
Stayed October to November 2020

Great Break Away

No, there is nothing that needs to be added to this property. Honestly the only thing this property can do would be a small kitchen upgrade, they have done an incredible job in their renovations.
- Wendy Fowler
Stayed October 2020

Awesome Holiday

Nothing but a fantastic, well located property with efficient management, ensuring a stress free holiday.  
- Katie Morgan
Stayed October 2020

Loved it here

Nothing could be done to improve our stay, so much care had been taken in the cleanliness and presentation of this property. To improve, maybe a spare set of bath towels if staying longer than a few nights
- Peter Versegi
Stayed October 2020